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Easy to Use

You can easily do all your transactions with the latest technologies and user-friendly interface.

Determine Your Own Prices

You set the selling price of your service. Carwix does not make any additions to your price.

Pay on Time

You receive the payments you deserve just in time and completely.

Quick Support

You can check your support requests online and get quick answers.

How It Works?

We share the reservation details with you.

When a reservation containing your product is created, it is instantly sent to you by email. It also becomes visible on the partner screen. If you accept the reservation, the service is expected to be performed.

Your driver completes the journey service.

When your operation is completed and the service is carried out, you inform us from your partner panel.

You get paid.

Your progress payments are calculated and reflected to your partner account. The amount accumulated in your account is paid to you on the first business day after the 15th of each month.

How It Works?



We help our partners, who achieve a higher profit margin with the possibility of seeking new customers by reducing the burden of advertising and promotion costs, to focus on improving their services.


With an innovative perspective, we integrate the steps of understanding, evaluating and implementing demands and needs into our system without delay, and we provide world-class services to our partners and visitors with a user-friendly interface.


We enable our partners to monitor real-time statistics and performance statistics instantly, so that they can plan better. Our partners can follow their growth and transactions instantly.


Carwix provides its partners with the payments they deserve monthly via bank transfer. Timely and complete.


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